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ROi believes in the power of provider collaboration to transform health care.

A recognized leader in health care supply chain management through our vertically integrated supply chain model, we were founded more than a decade ago by Mercy, one of the nation’s largest non-profit health care systems, and now serve fellow providers across the country who share a passion for supply chain excellence. As a provider-owned Accountable Supply Chain Organization™, our insights and goals are uniquely aligned with today's health care organizations, who all must find new ways to provide better care at lower cost. 

ROi works alongside fellow providers of all sizes, across the United States, to deliver end-to-end supply chain solutions with significant results. ROi is the only provider to be ranked by Gartner as a top 10 health care supply chain for eight straight years.


How We Started

In the early 2000s, supply chain leaders from Mercy, one of the largest non-profit health care systems in the United States, believed there was an alternative to the misaligned, inefficient supply chain their organization, and others in health care, relied on.

Those Mercy leaders, who would one day create ROi (Resource Optimization & Innovation), began to sketch -- on the back of a napkin -- a strategic approach that internalized and integrated critical facets of the supply chain.  In the years to come, the work of ROi has not only delivered more than $1 billion in savings to Mercy -- it has helped other providers transform their supply chain into a strategic asset and safe haven for cost savings.

From the discontentment of a broken system came an unconventional solution; a new approach to managing and optimizing the supply chain in health care: ROi transformed supply chain from a cost center to a service center and a strategic enabler.


Through our innovative, Integrated Model, ROi internally manages all supply chain functions for Mercy that were traditionally performed by industry group purchasing organizations, manufacturers, distributors and consultants.

Today, ROi leverages our experience to collaborate with a growing list of providers, who, too, can realize the strategic value of supply chain, through a partnership with ROi.  

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