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Less Waste. Fewer Costs. Significant Savings.

As part of a continued focus on promoting sustainability, ROi developed a single-use device reprocessing program for non-critical medical devices.

The program not only reduces supply costs through the cleaning and subsequent reuse of non-critical medical devices but also has a positive impact on public health — removing medical waste from our nation’s landfills.

As with all our programs, ROi is dedicated to patient safety. The reprocessing method by which our program’s devices are cleaned utilizes a variety of techniques, including pasteurization and exposure to ethylene oxide, to ensure that single-use devices can be reused. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology (APIC), as well as other health care organizations support this method. In addition, the FDA considers reprocessing of devices equivalent to manufacturing of those devices and subjects reprocessors, including ROi’s reprocessing partner, to the same applicable regulatory guidelines as the original device manufacturer.

Annual Impact: 1 million devices collected, $565,000 cost savings and 85 tons of landfill waste avoided.

Download the Medical Device Reprocessing Overview

MEDICAL DEVICE REPROCESSING PRODUCTS:  Blood Pressure Cuffs, Pulse Oximentry Probes, Pneumatic Compression Devices, Surgical Tourniquets and Cerebral Somatic Sensors


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Saving Lives with Innovation

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