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After a study by the Institute of Medicine (IOM) demonstrated that medical errors in the United States were the eighth leading cause of death, and adverse events cost approximately $37.6 billion each year with $17 billion of those costs associated with preventable errors, ROi took action.


We worked to optimize the supply chain all the way to the patient bedside with the development of a pharmaceutical safety program that involves centralized packaging to low unit of dose, dispensing and bar code scanning medications in single-dose form at the patient bedside.


Additional benefits to pharmaceutical repackaging include pharmacists spending less time dispensing pills and more time on clinical activities such as reviewing medication orders. 



We welcome the opportunity to share more with you about Pharmaceutical Repackaging and discuss ways this program can benefit your organization.

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Launching this program involved establishing a repackaging operation at our Consolidated Services Center (CSC), as well as purchasing medication dispensing machines, bedside scanning and verification equipment. It also required training thousands of nursing and pharmacy co-workers and developing processes for ongoing monitoring and management.

The result is a system that uses bar code scanning, automated medicine dispensing cabinets and overall better use of technology to help doctors, pharmacists and nurses share information.


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Changing the Custom Procedure Tray Game


First Year of CPT Production

In 2009, ROi began production of custom procedure trays


Six Sigma Study

ROi's Six Sigma study of Mercy's previous custom pack program revealed that an average of six items per custom pack w...


CPT Savings

ROi has delivered more than 10% annual savings to Mercy through the ROi Custom Pack Solutions program


Unique Packs

A total of 623 unique custom packs are produced today by ROi Custom Pack Solutions and shipped to fellow health care ...

Saving Lives with Innovation

Saving Lives with Innovation

Benefits of Pharmaceutical Repackaging