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Delivering results that help providers manage costs

The growth in drug expenditures in health care continues to increase at an alarming rate as manufacturers merge, generic medications are delayed and limitations are placed on drug distribution. Facing novel therapeutic options, product shortages, and more, providers must innovate to control costs. ROi’s customized approach helps providers manage pharmacy costs through solutions developed with input from the providers we serve on a daily basis. Our experienced pharmacy team works directly with our Members to ensure clinical, operational and financial results are delivered through ROi’s Pharmacy Solutions.

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The ROi Pharmacy Solutions Advantage

Competitive Pricing

Our contracting model provides highly competitive and committed contracts for all classes of trade including branded, generic, sterile and vaccine products. The ROi team utilizes extensive benchmarking to ensure our Members receive significant cost savings, and our contracts include failure-to-supply language.

Service Line Engagement

Our Service Line Committee structure provides each Member with a voice in contract decision making. The ROi Pharmacy Service Line meets monthly with Member pharmacists and facilitates best practice sharing among Members to address contract decisions.

Our experienced pharmacy team works directly with our Members to ensure clinical, operational and financial results are delivered through ROi's Pharmacy Solutions

Utilization Management

Our on-staff pharmacists evaluate medication utilization, provide drug shortage and backorder management, develop formulary management recommendations, identify costs savings and help drive contract implementation through optimization opportunities and performance metrics. ROi pharmacists are active participants in our Members’ Pharmacy & Therapeutics Committee meetings, medical staff meetings and others as needed.


Data Analytics

Our propriety analytics tools provide our team with real-time visibility and analysis of the total pharmaceutical spend of our Members. Beyond the ability to scrutinize total procurement expense, our team applies the data to predict price adjustments in the market, optimize tier pricing, identify medication supply issues, and validate commitments to maintain pricing.


Operational Efficiencies


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Our expertise in managing and operating a Consolidated Services Center enables ROi to help Members achieve savings through Low Unit of Measure (LUM) procurement, bulk packaging, bulk buy pharmaceuticals and central management of automatic dispensing cabinet replenishment.


Insourced Manufacturing

Our manufacturing experience is leveraged to offer special services such as Pharmaceutical Repackaging, IV Compounding Solutions and Specialty Pharmacy services, which allow our Members to get the exact (and sometimes hard to find) medicines they need in manageable dose sizes at competitive prices.


Advisory Services

Our pharmacists and subject matter experts provide consulting services in areas such as 340B, pharmacy operations management and pharmaceutical distribution management.



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