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ROi Expands its Value to Health Care Providers with Acquisition of Healthcare Purchasing Alliance, LLC

ROi to serve as primary Group Purchasing Organization for Orlando Health and South Lake Hospital

ST. LOUIS, Missouri (September 1, 2017) – Resource Optimization & Innovation (ROi), a provider-owned supply chain organization, today announced that it has completed its acquisition of Orlando-based Healthcare Purchasing Alliance, LLC (HPA), a member-driven organization dedicated to providing clinical quality and cost savings through health care group purchasing organization (GPO) services.

HPA, previously owned by Orlando Health and South Lake Hospital, one of Florida's most comprehensive private, not-for-profit health care networks, will become a wholly owned subsidiary of ROi, operating as a separate entity to manage HPA’s legacy contract portfolio and provide custom contracting solutions throughout the continuum of care for ROi. Through the HPA acquisition, Orlando Health and South Lake Hospital have agreed to a 7-year GPO membership term with ROi, while also maintaining membership with HPA.  

“Innovation was one of the founding principles of ROi, and we consistently seek innovative opportunities, such as the acquisition of HPA, to deliver value to current and future members without disrupting our core committed sourcing strategy,” said Michael Rivard, chief operating officer and interim president/chief executive officer, ROi. “We are excited to welcome the HPA team to ROi, where they will continue their great work and support ROi members’ custom and local contracting needs.”

“ROi’s innovative history of supply chain excellence and continued growth in the GPO market were key components to being a perfect match to acquire HPA and partner with Orlando Health and South Lake Hospital,” explained Bernadette Spong, chief financial officer, Orlando Health. “Our supply chain strategy closely aligns with ROi, which has proven to deliver continuous cost savings to its owners and members. We are pleased to partner with the expertise that ROi brings to assist in capturing even greater value that supports the mission of Orlando Health, and we are pleased about ROi’s future plans for HPA co-workers.”

“I am thrilled about this acquisition and the opportunities ahead to make a profound impact in the health care industry,” stated Greg Firestone, vice president of strategic customer relations, ROi.  “I look forward to leading the team of HPA co-workers who are excited about delivering great value to our provider and supplier partners.”

Firestone added, “Additionally, we are truly honored to be the GPO partner of such a highly respected health system in Orlando Health and South Lake Hospital, and we look forward to the increased benefits this partnership will deliver to the current and future members of ROi. Together, we will drive transformational results to make a positive difference in supporting the delivery of high quality, cost-effective patient care across the U.S.”


About HPA
Based in Orlando, Florida, HPA, a wholly owned subsidiary of Resource Optimization & Innovation (ROi), is a member-driven organization dedicated to providing sourcing solutions focused around clinical quality and cost savings -- all to enhance quality health care delivery across the continuum of care. For more information, visit:

About ROi
Based in St. Louis, Missouri, ROi believes in the power of provider collaboration to transform health care. A recognized leader in supply chain management, ROi serves health care organizations across the United States that share a passion for supply chain excellence. As a provider-owned Accountable Supply Chain Organization, ROi delivers a range of cost management and supply chain services, focusing on all aspects of supply chain from planning through fulfillment and consumption to ensure the highest quality of care is delivered in the most cost effective manner. For more information, visit: