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Putting control of products in the hands of providers


As the first provider-owned private label program in the United States, Regard® helps providers remove steps from the supply chain to secure high quality products at an affordable price.

ROi's Regard® team works directly with Original Manufacturers to design and manufacture Regard® products under specifications of equal or higher quality than their name brand counterparts. ROi’s clinical team validates these products with physicians and clinicians prior to launch to ensure quality and consistency. Our Quality Assurance team works to ensure that all manufacturers and products meet strict regulatory guidelines.

Regard® Private Label Products allow significant cost savings and greater control over product selection and specifications by the people who actually use them: clinicians.

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The Regard product portfolio currently has 2,000+ SKUs available from more than 30 domestic and international manufacturers.

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Regard® Product Selection

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Adult briefs
Adult wipes
Alcohol prep pads
Baby diapers
Baby wipes
Basic wound care
Blood line port protectors
Blood pressure cuffs
Cold therapy, packs and wraps
Defibrillation pads
Disposable stethoscopes/pen lights/thermometers
Disposable vaginal speculums
Exam gloves
Hand sanitizers
Instant hot/cold packs
Medical bandages
Patient monitoring (electrodes)
Patient positioning
Personal Protective Equipment
Transparent dressings


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Surgical Services:

Bouffant and shoe covers
Custom surgical packs
Equipment drapes
Infuser bags
Insufflation tubing
Minor procedure trays
OR turn over kits
Skin markers
Sterility assurance
Surgical accessories
Surgical clippers

Support Services:

Bags/can liners
Bed surfaces and cart covers
Bio bags
Chart paper
Exam table paper